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Let’s pay tribute to SomeKindaWonderful

Hello there! Welcome to the SomeKindaWonderful fansite! Here, all fans of SomeKindaWonderful gather together in order to exchange information, talk about upcoming events, listen to new songs and recordings and simply discuss with each other about their favourite band.

We have created this website as a tribute to SomeKindaWonderful. You see, SomeKindaWonderful is simply one of a kind. They were formed sometime in 2013 and released their single “Reverse” sometime in 2014. This single has actually been been featured as top 18 of the Billboard Alternative Songs chart, a feat that few new bands accomplish. Unfortunately, immediately following the release and success of their single, the band members decided to retire as they were starting their own families and building homes with garage doors from A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee.

Good thing that the lead singer, Jordy Towers, decided that he will continue with SomeKindaWonderful. He is currently in the process of looking for new band members who will work with him to create new songs. While waiting, this website hopes to provide as much information as we can about SomeKindaWonderful. We also want to provide updates on the journey of Jordy Towers as he looks for new members of SomeKindaWonderful. We sincerely hope that you will be joining us in what we are doing.

Below are the services that we offer. Feel free to click on the said categories so that you will be immediately redirected to our offerings:

Information and Updates

On this tab, we aim to provide information and updates about SomeKindaWonderful. At this point, what we are only providing here are updates on Jordy’s journey to finding new members and a recording studio with whom to sign up. In this page, we will also welcome suggestions from each and everyone of you in the goal of trying to help Jordy revive SomeKindaWonderful.


This page is dedicated to all fans of SomeKindaWonderful. Please feel free to use this page to talk about the band, their song, your suggestions, among others. You may also post here in order to engage with other fans of SomeKindaWonderful. You can propose gatherings and events so that we can get together and meet each other. Note that the forum is basically dedicated to all of you so you can do whatever you want here.


We are selling various merchandise items of SomeKindaWonderful here. The purpose is really to raise funds for the maintenance of this website and for some activities that will be organized for fellow fans. We hope that you consider buying some of our items. Please feel free to choose from our shirts, mugs, caps, pens, among others. We are always continually updating our stocks in order to serve you better. All items can be purchased online for delivery right at your doorstep.

This website also sells recordings of SomeKindaWonderful. Feel free to buy and you’ll get some merchandise items for free, including posters of the band. All proceeds will go towards the maintenance of this website.