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Susan, 35

I am so happy that this fan site of SomeKindaWonderful has been created. I love this band. They are simply so good. I felt really sad when they decided to break up because I very much love their songs. Please provide me with recent information about SomeKindaWonderful. I hope that new band members have already been recruited.

Barbara, 26

Hi Susan! Unfortunately, Jordy Towers is sill looking for new band members. He is very discerning and wants to invite only those who have the commitment to really be part of SomeKindaWonderful in the long haul. Of course, this is aside from the fact that they must have the talent.

Susan, 35

Thank you for the update, Barbara. I hope that Jordy is able to settle this search for new band members soon. This is important because he has to do some recordings soon. I am itching to hear new music from SomeKindaWonderful.

Barbara, 26

Of course it’s not just you Barbara who have been itching for new songs. All of us here wants SomeKindaWonderful resurrected and holding concerts. The original band had pretty good potential to really make it into Hollywood. I hope that they are able to find band members soon.

Peter, 33

Hey, I just heard guys that Jordy is trying to recruit the lead guitarist now. Hmm, I wonder who he would choose and how.

Barbara, 26

Wow, that is just great news. I hope they recruit the band members this time around.

Susan, 25

Oh yeah! I am so happy for SomeKindaWonderful then.