Thank you so much for visiting this page which contains the most frequently asked questions from our community. Please feel free to browse through this page. If you feel that you still have questions that remain unanswered, kindly let us know and we will be happy to respond.

What is this SomeKindaWonderful website?

This is actually a fan site. This is a platform for the fans of the SomeKindaWonderful band to talk to each other, provide information and updates, organize events, buy merchandise and records of SomeKindaWonderful and so on. The main point of this website is really to give tribute to the band.

Why did you establish this SomeKindaWonderful website?

This SomeKindaWonderful website has been established because we just wanted to pay tribute to the SomeKindaWonderful band. Even if they were only in existence for only a couple of years, they have definitely made an impact on our lives. Also, we continue to support the revival of the band and are updating ourselves on the band’s next steps.

What will I get from this SomeKindaWonderful website?

You will be able to access a lot of materials on this website. First of all, you can get news and information about what the former band members, especially Jordy Towers, are doing. You may also connect with other fans, discuss potential events and get-togethers and access the mer-chandise that we offer.

What are your merchandise offerings?

We have lots, actually. We have shirts, caps, mugs, pens, ballers, and so on. All proceeds from the sales of the merchandise go directly to the maintenance of this website. It is for this reason that we sincerely hope that you can take the time to browse through our website and purchase what you want. We will truly appreciate your help in continuing this website.