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SomeKindaWonderful - About Us

Hello there! Welcome to the SomeKindaWonderful fan site. We are very pleased that you have visited us.

This website was started sometime in 2014, when a group of fans decided to come together and create this website for their favourite band. The main goal of this website is simply to provide support to the SomeKindaWonderful band as well as serve as a main information portal for all fans out there.

Unfortunately, in 2016, the band decided to go their separate ways. The reason for the separation was personal as some of the band members wanted time away from the limelight in order to start their own families. But, with lead singer Jordy Towers deciding to continue with the band and just look for new members, we were given hope that SomeKindofWonderful will be resurrected soon.

As such, we continue to pay tribute as fans of SomeKindaWonderful, hoping that Jordy Towers will be able to select his band members soon and that they will be able to release new songs and a full album. In 2014, SomeKindaWonderful was able to produce a single called “Reverse” that was featured on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and climbed to number 18. We feel that given new life, the band will be able to not just surpass this achievement but more importantly, attain more recognitions.

At this point, we are keeping the love alive for SomeKindaWonderful. As diehard music fans, we are doing that through this website, even providing our own recommendations and adding our own voice for the future of the band. If you like the music of SomeKindaWonderful and are diehard fans yourselves, please help us in our endeavour by purchasing our merchandise items and our records so that we will be able to continue with what we are doing.

Thank you so much!