@somekindagibson has been green-screening for 14 hours straight! He's a green screen maniac! This new tour video for our #onestowatch #newpolitics tour is starting to look real real real crazy!Click on the link in our bio to see the music video for REVERSE and let us know what you think in the comments here!heyyyyy girl!! @SOMEKINDABEN GOT A NEW WEAVE YA'LLWhen @jordytowers takes breaks from recording the new album he hits the craps table and stacks chips in his custom @levis #butterflymilitia jacket !! THANKYOU #LEVISIt's our drumgod/master producer @somekindaben 's birthday today and he baked his own cake lit his own candles made a wish and didn't tell nobody what it was (so it comes true) LIKE A BOSS !!!ClIck on the link in our bio to check out our video for REVERSE!!! Out today exclusively on #vevo @vevo !!
Thanks to everybody who posted today on their Instagram we straight up love youSIGN UP TO JOIN OUR STREET TEAM AND SEE A SNEAK PREVIEW OF THE VIDEO! Go to the link in our bio !24 HOURS!!!!!Only 48 more hours and this will be exclusively premiered on @vevo #vevo ️!!3 More Days!!!!4 more days until our debut video for 'Reverse' is out!! Look out for the exclusive premiere on #vevo @vevo !!
and the countdown begins...#TBT to when we learned that @somekindagibson can't drive for s*%t!! We'll be crashing more 'tourbuses' when we go on tour this fall with @newpoliticsrock #newpolitics and @thebadsuns #badsuns !! Go to our youtube (in our location link) to see the full video!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jbh7lTVn4yMwe can't wait to unveil this to the world!! 16 weeks on radio without a music video for 'Reverse' and It's FINALLY done and delivered thanks to @s77tv and the amazing incredible legendary video director marc klasfeld! Were just awaiting a release date from the label gods and then it's on!!BOUT TIME!!Almost there..1 of 4
Were all animal lovers here at #SomeKindaWonderful ! ...sometimes @somekindagibson has to yell at his pet bear for pooping in public. But that's because he LOVES him and just wants his bear to be acclimated to society like any respectable pet bear should be#TBT to last week when we performed #CaliforniaLove on @RevoltTV! Stay tuned...we'll be posting exclusive videos every Thursday #ButterflymilitiaJust added MORE tour dates for our Fall tour with @newpoliticsrock #newpolitics and @badsuns #badsuns !! More dates TBA but we can’t even fit anymore on our flyer!So we just got this letter from Obama and whats fascinating is that he not only listens to vinyl but he uses a polaroid camera and types LOLZ with a typewriter.. dude is so gangsta lolOur label told us that babies are the new demographic... Well label... EAT YOUR HEART OUT BABIES LOVE USthey finally got @somekindagibson request right on our rider and draped him in a cloak made of a grizzly bear fur (that died of natural causes) IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!?!
GETTIN READY FOR OUR LIVE PERFORMANCE ON @REVOLTTV #REVOLTLIVE !! TUNE IN TO SEE US PERFORM REVERSE AND TO SEE A CLIP OF OUR MUSIC VIDEO BEFORE @S77TV HAS EVEN FINISHED THE FULL VERSION . BECAUSE WE CAN AND WE LOVE UTUNE INTO @RevoltTV #REVOLTLive today at 2pm pacific to hear/see us perform Reverse Live!! http://t.co/luCGx4q3SXhad to take a break from rehearsal for tomorrow's performance on #REVOLTLive @revolttv to take the perfect selfie...Go to http://Revolt.tv/Audience to see us live in the @Revolttv studio audience tomorrow 2pm!!!Just got to #bryders Bakersfield @krabradio #krabradio @badsuns show and were so glad to finally see somebody get our rider right !#tbt to last Saturday after our performance at the World Series of Beach Volleyball...thank you @wsobv #wsobv for letting us hang out for 3 hours after our show and not kicking us out lol IF THERE WAS A WORLD SERIES OF HANGING OUT WE WOULD BE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS !! Shout out to @Product.ion for the video loveWere performing live on @revolttv #revolt #revoltlive this Monday at 2pm!! Tune in and you might even see a sneak preview of our music video for Reverse...
Putting in late nights with @s77tv to wrap up our debut music video for REVERSE !!!! We can't wait to share this with all of you!!Just shot a @balconytvla @balconytv at one of our fav balconies in LA @hollywoodtowers !! Thanks for the pic @shinyobjectco @shiny_object _co !!THANK YOU @WSOBV @ALT987fm @asics FOR HAVIN US!! WE LOVED IT AS MUCH AS @SOMEKINDAGIBSON LOVED HANDFEEDING HIS BURGER 2 THIS RANDOM DUDE LOL #wsobv #alt987LOS ANGELES WERE BACK!! Were on at 5:30pm tomorrow at the @asics @wsobv in Long Beach!!! Who's Comin out to spend a day at the beach with us?? #somekindawonderful @alt987fm #alt987fm #beachvolleyball #asicsWhat we really love about the @hiltonhotels #doubletree is that when u check in they give you free cookies and a choice of balloon animal... @somekindagibson's choice of animal was jetpack#TBT to the last time we came to Cali and saw #Kershaw’s No-Hitter.. We’re about to witness sporting history again when we perform at the @asics @WSOBV @alt987fm on Saturday!!
@mis_suh has left us speechless on this one !!!LA!! tune into @alt987fm @kadeshow at 6:20 tonight to win tix to see @bleachersmusic & us compete..uh..i mean perform.. at the #Asics @asics @WOSBV #wsobv on July 26!!When we found out that we’re performing at the  @asics @wsobv @alt987fm @1027kiisfm @1043myfm on July 26th we got SO happy because 1. its going to be AWESOME and 2. @somekindagibson can finally walk around in public in his volleyball ‘uniform’ without any shame !! #asics #wsobv #alt987fm #1027kiisfm #1043myfm #volleyball!!@somekindagibson's custom guitar picks arrived just in time for our show at the @wsobv on July 26! If u stand in the front row and make eye contact with him and tell him how how amazing and funny and dreamy he is he might throw one at your headJust jumped out of a car stuck in traffic and ran 8 blocks thru midtown NYC to make it in time for this awesome interview/Polaroid photo opp for #NoWristbandRequired @abbey808 .. Nothing gets between us and a good Polaroid photo opp. NOTHINGThank you Providence and @iambru for having us!! We LOVE YOU so much! shout out to the fan who brought us the SKW Monkey with the marvelous mustache !